Which Drinks Are The Best For Your Skin

Everyone says you are what you eat but never what you drink. Drinks are a part of our daily lives just as much as eating, yet there is not enough conversation about it. Like nearly everything we indulge in, what we drink has a huge effect on our skin. In this article, we are here to discuss the different types of drinks that are beneficial to the body, and some that are just plain bad.

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Of course, we have to start with the most simple drink known to man. Water has benefits far beyond what we could imagine. It helps us achieve clear skin, and weight loss and hydrates us when we need it most. Other benefits of water include flushing toxins from your body and helping regulate your body functions and temperature and helping your blood retain the oxygen it needs.

Herbal Tea

Another form of water that is great for your skin is tea. Herbal teas come with so many benefits from the antioxidants that are included in each bag. The greatest benefit is that herbal teas do not include caffeine, which dehydrates the skin. Tea also can help with inflammation in the body and promote clear skin goals. Our recommendation is to drink at least two glasses a day to see a major change over time.

Juices and Smoothies

For the ones who are not the best at eating healthy foods, there are always the options to drink it. Consuming a fruit juice or smoothie can help you achieve the same results as eating your daily serving, and taste amazing! Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that your body needs to promote healthy skin. With juices and smoothies, be aware of the sugar intake as that can counter any progress and cause breakouts. Use natural ingredients when making your smoothies and check how much sugar is in your juice.

Collagen Drinks

For years, collagen has become one of the top contenders for healthy beautiful skin. It is in pill form, injections, powders, and small vials packed with more than enough collagen magic. Collagen is a protein that your body naturally creates, but not enough on its own to give us what we need. Adding collagen to your drink choices helps your body reap the benefit of the protein in your skin, hair, and your overall being. For our favorite collagen drink, check out our website here.

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What To Avoid


Yes, we are starting strong with soda. As mentioned above, sugary drinks can cause so much damage to your skin and your body, especially refined sugar. Soda comes packed with sugar and syrup that will cause the skin to become inflamed and linked to psoriasis breakouts. If you want a healthier carbonated drink, switch to flavored seltzers or sparkling water.


While we are not big fans of this, alcohol can be one of the worst agents for healthy skin. Alcohol is a depressant that dehydrates the body, starting with your skin. Now we are not telling you to not drink alcohol at all, but consuming excessive amounts will lead to dehydration and inflammation, thus causing your skin (and body) to become lackluster over time. We recommend doubling your water intake if you plan on having a fun night out or finding alternative drinks like mocktails to enjoy your night out dehydration free.


We are not trying to take your Starbucks away but hear us out. Caffeine is not terrible for your skin since it includes antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals essential for the body. The problem comes when you begin to customize it. Adding creamer and sugar takes away from the benefits and inherently makes it an unhealthy drink. If you still want your morning joe, be cautious and limit the number of extra ingredients or switch to black tea with honey and lemon, a healthy alternative that our skin will love.

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