Water: The Best Relationship For Your Skin

When talking about the skin, one topic that will always come up is the importance of water. Drinking water is one of life’s necessities that cannot be argued or ignored. Water has many benefits, including being the main component of having beautiful skin. We can go on and on on the topic of water, but let’s talk about the most critical aspects of it.

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Everyone wants perfect skin, but very few dedicate themselves to obtaining and maintaining it. If you ever see someone with a natural glow, they likely drink lots of water. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and to keep it healthy, you have to drink more water than anything. But how exactly does it help your skin? Some of the main ways are:

  • Helps keep the skin hydrated
  • Prevents acne and early signs of aging
  • Restores and maintains the body’s pH balance
  • Removes toxin

The first on the list is the most obvious of all of them. Drinks like soda and coffee include harmful components like processed sugar that dehydrate the skin over time. Consuming these drinks excessively also leads to inflammation in the body, affecting the skin first. Say, for example, you have a skin condition like severe acne or psoriasis. Constantly drinking sodas without any water intake does not provide the nutrients your body needs to fight inflammation, causing more and more breakouts over time. 

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Let’s talk about acne and wrinkles. In our recent blogs, we discussed both topics and how to prevent them. A high water intake helps flush toxins from the body, resulting in fewer acne breakouts. It also keeps your skin hydrated and plumps to reduce signs of aging as you get older. Water not only helps from the inside but also on the outside as well. Think about it in this way. Have you ever seen someone use soda when washing or steaming your face? Of course not. Using water when cleansing or steaming your face boosts hydration and facial blood circulation. Water can help you in your routine by loosening up dead skin for exfoliation purposes. That is why water is just as essential, both superficially and internally. 

The underdog of this list is maintaining your pH balance with your water intake. Staying in balance affects more than your reproductive parts; it can affect the entire body. When your body’s pH is balanced, your organs work together correctly. You can maintain your weight, have energy, your digestive tract operates appropriately, and your body can repair faster from the inside out. When your pH balance becomes altered, it begins to store unwanted bacteria and toxins to accumulate in your body. The more your bodily fluids become acidic, the more you are likely to develop a disease called metabolic acidosis. This disease is caused by a build-up of toxins from conditions like severe dehydration, uncontrolled diabetes, or kidney disease, which leads us to the next point.

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Every person has unwanted toxins in their body that need to be consistently flushed out. A high water intake aids the body, specifically the liver and kidneys, in removing toxins and helps regulate the organs to function correctly. These two organs are responsible for removing toxins from the body, and water is what helps them function. It aids both organs by detoxifying your blood and filtering out fats and other harmful substances from the body. As mentioned above, when there is no water intake, the body stores harmful toxins and substances, causing the liver and kidneys to malfunction from dehydration. When this happens, acidosis sets in, and more aggressive treatments must be performed. 

In summary, water is the most important way to maintain healthy skin and body. Without it, your face will not be the only thing that suffers. At any point in life, most people experience some form of dehydration, and eight cups a day may not be enough to keep your skin glowing. At Eyden Skin, we offer IV therapy that helps combat dehydration and gives your skin the extra boost of nutrients it needs. To book your appointment today, click here.

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