The Greatest Hack for Smooth Skin

Having smooth skin is on everyone’s wish list. Achieving it though can be somewhat of a struggle, but there is a miracle that comes in a needle called anti-aging injectables.

person holding syringe and vaccine bottle

The most common injectable is Botox, a cosmetic injectable made of botulinum toxin used to refine wrinkle lines. The injectable gives your skin a smoother and fresher appearance. Most people assume that Botox is the injection fluid itself when it is only a brand name. Another anti-aging injectable is Jeuveau, Eyden Skin’s brand of choice. It provides the same results as Botox but with a different result time. Some people think that anti-aging injections plumps your skin like dermal fillers when it is quite the opposite of that. The injection forces your facial muscles to relax, causing fewer expressions that lead to wrinkles and fine lines. In other words, It blocks the facial nerves and muscles from overworking. Your nurse will only inject small amounts of fluid into the problem areas to help the entire muscle to relax.

The procedure may seem intimidating, but rest assured, it is safe and FDA-approved for anyone over 18. Helping the face to relax the muscles helps slow down signs of aging and will give you a youthful look. Many wonder if they will still look natural with anti-aging injectables, and the simple answer is yes. Anti-aging injectables, such as Jeuveau, are designed to create a natural look along with the cosmetic nurse pinpointing the specified problem areas. Because of this, anti-aging injectables have become a popular choice for non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

While it is known for smoothing the skin, anti-aging injectables have many more uses. Some include:

  • Acne resolution
  • Minimal nose job
  • Excessive sweating
  • Soften facial features
  • Change the appearance of your cleavage 
  • alleviate midranges and headaches
  • Hair loss
woman getting a forehead botox

At Eyden Skin, it is vital for us to take care of our clients with any procedure, including cosmetic injectables. Before you receive your anti-aging injectables, you will have a consultation to discuss any areas of concern and things to know about the procedure. From there, the nurse will create a treatment plan for you and discuss long-term care and pricing.

Once you begin receiving treatments, it is vital to follow any aftercare instructions given to you. The aftercare is just as simple as the procedure itself. Your face may feel tightened, and it will be somewhat of a nuisance to not be able to move your face as you did before, but know that the procedure is working as it should.

men doing aesthetic procedure

Afterward, you will be able to go about your day once you are finished. Be cautioned that there are some things you will have to do differently after your procedure.

  • Avoid rubbing your face or laying flat for the next 24-48 hours to avoid shifting the injectable
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for a day or so
  • Avoid covering the injection sites with hats or make-up
  • Be gentle with your skincare routine, especially when washing your face
  • Avoid heavy drinking, smoking, and long-term sun exposure as this will quickly reverse the effects

Though you will be excited once you see the full results of your procedure, it is vital to note that this is not permanent. To have long-lasting results, it is crucial to schedule follow-up appointments. Anti-aging injectables usually last up to six months. The more you receive this injectable, you will notice that your face will begin to naturally relax. It will lead to fewer appointments in the future. As stated above, our anti-aging injectable of choice at Eyden Skin is Jeuveau. If you want more in-depth information on how Jeuveau can help you, schedule your consultation here today. 

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