The Best Skincare Routine for Melanated Skin

Over the years, the skincare industry expanded to appreciate and cater to all skin tones, types, and issues. One of the most revolutionary moves in this direction was when superstar Rihanna launched the Fenty Skin brand, offering makeup and skincare for all women. This move led the industry to broaden its product line for women of color. In celebration of Black History Month, Eyden Spa took the time to share some knowledge on skincare routines for our melanated readers. 

Do’s Of Skincare

Start with a good cleanser

Having a good cleanser for your skin is the foundation of any routine. It is important to note that melanated skin needs a non-comedogenic cleanser to ensure that your pores do not clog. Steer free of heavy fragrant or abrasive cleansers.

Invest in Quality Products

Like the food we eat, we are what we put in (and on) our bodies! You would not want to ingest anything of low quality, so why use poor-quality products? Investing in quality products can make or break your routine, especially if you are looking for the best results. Do not be confused: quality does not always mean expensive. Take time to look around and find the products that work best for your skin.

Double Cleanse at Night 

Our skin suffers a lot daily. Things like working out, touching our face, and wearing makeup all day, weigh our skin down with clogged pores. This is why it is vital to take the time to cleanse your skin twice every night and tone your skin. That way, your skin can take a break and revive itself overnight.

Don’t’s Of Skincare

SPF is your Best Friend

Using sunscreen or a moisturizer infused with sunscreen everyday is an absolute must. Outside of keeping your skin clean, using sunscreen adds that extra layer of protection from the most powerful part of our universe. The UV rays from the sun can cause wrinkles and make hyperpigmentation worse over time.

Exfoliate Everyday

Our skin is precious and daily exfoliation destroys its very essence of it. Exfoliation can leave your skin feeling dry and brittle, weakening it over time. We recommend exfoliating once or twice a week.

Expect Results Overnight

The path to healthy skin is one longer than most can imagine. Depending on your starting point, it can and will take time to better itself. It is essential to stay patient and consistent with your skincare routine. Like caring for a garden, caring for your skin will produce beautiful results. 

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