How To Have Clear, Acne Free Skin

In today’s blog post, we will talk about something that everyone has experienced in life: acne. Whether it is hormonal, puberty, cystic, blackheads, or whiteheads, we all struggle with acne. Even celebrities such as Keke Palmer have their everyday struggles with acne. It can range from random pimples here and there to a full face of irritation. Practically everyone has wondered how to have clear skin, free of pimples, but so many feel this is not achievable for the average person. Well today, I am here to explain and offer a cure for your acne needs

man in white crew neck shirt
Man with acne

First off, let us start by explaining what acne is. According to Healthline, acne is defined as a pore becoming blocked by things like your natural skin oil or bacteria. This causes a reaction in your pores, and after time, a pimple begins to emerge. The more your pores become infected, the more pimples show up, thus causing acne. Most consist of one of two things, either whiteheads or blackheads. Commonly, people think of acne as whiteheads, but blackheads are just as popular. It is when your pore is filled with sebum and turns black due to oxygen and the melanin in your skin reacting. Whiteheads, on the other hand, are when a follicle becomes infected and filled with bacteria but cannot breathe because there is no opening. Both types of pimples can be challenging to go through but are treated differently, depending on what causes them.

The most common cause of acne is, you guessed it, hormonal. We all remember when we went through puberty and how irritated our skin became and how stressing out about it made it worse. Women also suffer through hormonal acne due to pregnancy, menopause, and PCOS, which causes an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen. Surprisingly, men also deal with hormonal acne for the same reasons: an overproduction of testosterone leads to breakouts. Another common cause of acne is something that causes the entire body to become out of whack: stress. We talk so much about how stress can cause an imbalance in the body and will typically show the imbalance on your face. Other causes of breakouts include a poor diet, poor facial hygiene, and smoking. These activities cause the skin to become dehydrated, and mix that with an overproducing of oil, you have a breakout. So now the question is: how do I solve this problem?

doctor applying facial cream on client
Woman receiving chemical peel

Well, in short answer, it all depends. How we handle once here at Eyden Skin is by first examining what type of acne you have. A simple facial examination along with answering a few questions will quickly determine what type of acne you are dealing with. from there we devise a plan specific to your skin type, whether it is changing your skin routine or the products you use. In more severe cases we take a more invasive approach to solve this problem. We offer cortisone injections and chemical peels for severe cases, which help attack acne right at the source, then leave you with beautiful glowing skin afterward. We also recommend IV therapy to cleanse the body from the inside out, thus reducing the number of acne breakouts. If you are dealing with acne and are ready to see clear skin, book your appointment with us today.

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