How to Be Young Forever

Is there really a secret formula to looking, feeling, and being young? Or does it come in a small, unexpected package?

On last week, we celebrated a special day that many women would love and appreciate, National Auntie’s Day. Being a second mom to my niece has become one of the little joys in life. While in nursing school, I noticed that she was interested in nursing. I would use her to practice for my clinical, which she enjoyed every minute. The best thing about this is that I can share my love for nursing and aesthetics with her. Like most aunties, we all know that the best part about being an aunt is returning them to their parents after a day of fun and excitement. Having a healthy relationship with the kids in your life can give you a sense of fulfillment, but what if there are some health benefits involved?

As the saying goes, kids keep you young, and in a sense, there is some truth to this. Many of us fantasize about looking and feeling young forever, but what if there were ways to maintain our youthfulness. This blog will discuss what causes aging and help you find your way to live a youthful life.

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We always hear about how stress and its dangers, but how does stress take our youthfulness away? The main way is by causing dryness and breakouts in our skin. The main culprit is cortisol, a hormonal steroid produced in your adrenal glands. Cortisol has such a bad reputation when it is there to help the body’s response to stressful situations. The hormone helps the body regulate blood pressure and sugar levels, decreasing inflammation, and controlling your metabolism. A spike in cortisol levels can also result in dryness, acne breakouts, a skin rash, and can cause flare-ups in skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Over time, high levels of stress effect the elasticity of the skin, starting with the face. 

One of the first signs of long-term stress is the appearance of your face. It shows up by drying the skin out, diminishing the natural glow of healthy skin. It also causes larger eye bags, droopiness in the face, hormonal acne, and aging lines. Seeing these changes on the face can cause more stress in people. When that happens, it can start attacking us through our vision, sleep, and internal organs, resulting in our bodies shutting down. Sounds scary, right? It definitely can be. Thankfully, there are ways to combat stress and give us a more youthful life.

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This brings us back to children. Have you ever noticed how children navigate themselves in the world? Of course, their sense of naiveness slowly fades away as they get older. But kids see the world as a giant playground filled with many opportunities for fun, not stress. They love to run and play, use their imagination, crash into a deep sleep, and find little things that make them happy, even if it is something as small as eating their favorite snack. It is important to incorporate these actions into our daily lives, even as adults.

Finding ways to enjoy life can help reduce stress and all of the side effects that come with it. We must feel good inside so it can translate on a cellular level, thus reducing stress and its affects. Some simple ways are being active, connecting with nature, resting your body, and doing fun activities that return us to a child-like state like singing and dancing. Small daily activities like these reduce stress and keep you looking and feeling young. Like my niece, kids have a way of bringing excitement back into our lives without even trying. Even though unleashing your inner child helps with maintaining your youth, Eyden Skin offers IV treatments to help you feel young on the inside. So remember the old saying and unlock the door to a youthful life in your days to come.

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