How to Achieve The Body You Want With Body Contouring

Options for losing excess fat have become better than going to the gym thanks to new advancements in medical technology. These advancements helped create a procedure called body contour. Body contouring is a procedure that rids those last few stubborn pounds. Let’s dive in and learn more about it.

Body contouring, in basic terms, sheds the extra fat cells in an area and creates a slimmer and firmer silhouette. Now do not be confused; body contouring cannot replace a dynamic diet and exercise plan, but when those do not produce the results you want, then comes body contouring. There are different procedures that you can choose from, depending on the results you want.

plus size woman using measuring tape on belly

First, let us look at non-surgical options:

Cryolipolysis: Popularly known as CoolSculpting ®, cryolipolysis is freezing fat cells that do not respond to diet and exercise. It is done by causing an inflammatory response by freezing and killing fat cells using an applicator. While the results are not instant, it takes approximately a couple of weeks to a month to see results. It is one of the safest procedures with no downtime, but it is not for people with larger problem areas.

Laser/Radiofrequency lipolysis – This procedure involves melting the fat cells using radiofrequency or a laser. They make a small incision and allows the laser or the radio frequency to enter then tubes are inserted to suck out the excess fat over time. Like cryolipolysis, the full results take time, but they come quicker than cryolipolysis. The most common side effect of laser and radiofrequency lipolysis is swelling and giving yourself some downtime for the incisions to heal.

Alternatively, there are surgical options for fat removal: liposuction and lift & tucks.

Liposuction – This procedure involves removing stubborn fat cells by injecting saline water into problem areas and sucking the cells out through a suction pipe. Liposuction is done in any area including the abdomen, face, and arms. Unlike the above-mentioned procedures, getting liposuction does require downtime and is done under anesthesia. Swelling and bruising are the most common side effects of liposuction and it is vital to wear a compression garment to heal.

Lifts & Tucks – Unlike the other procedures, receiving a lift & tuck is usually done after liposuction or after losing a lot of weight. The procedure includes cutting and removing excess skin and then lifting and tightening the area. A tummy tuck or a breast lift are common areas that people choose to have done. Receiving a lift & tuck can drastically change the appearance of your new body and give you the confidence you deserve. Like any surgical procedure, the operation poses some risks like bleeding, scarring, and infection.

photo of medical professionals wearing personal protective equipment

Weight loss is daunting for most, especially when you only want to tone the last little problem area. Thankfully, there are so many different options for fat removal today. As mentioned before, the best and healthiest way to lose excess body fat is through diet and exercise, but when your plan needs a boost, body contouring is the best way for the body you want to achieve.

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