Four Of the Best Ways to Live Botox Free

Stress. The silent killer and the number one cause of wrinkles, acne breakouts, and many other ailments. We all have little stressors in life like sitting in traffic or losing the car keys. The problems come when the pressure of life becomes unmanageable. At Eyden Spa, we take beauty and wellness seriously because the two go hand in hand. The less you take care of your inner self, the more it will become present in your health and with your skin. Luckily, there is a simple way to negate stress and live your best, stress-free life.

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Breathe In… Breath Out

Meditation is one of the most popular and efficient ways to combat the blues. Even Apple found it important enough to include a standard app for all of their watches. Creating a moment to be still and breathe deeply provides so many benefits such as heart rate regulation, sleep improvement, and pain control. Now, by no means are we saying jump straight into an hour-long YouTube meditation. All you need to make a difference is 5 minutes out of your day and gradually work your way up until you find what works for your lifestyle. Remember, your Jeaveau depends on it.

I’m Walking on Sunshine

Did you know close to half of the American population has a vitamin D deficiency? Even more, do not get proper exercise. The combination of the two factors explains why many suffer from stress and other health issues. Sunlight is the ultimate source of vitamin D and what better way to get your daily intake than taking a walk? Getting outside and moving your body has tremendous benefits for the mind and body and can help you live a longer and healthier life. Anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour of walking outdoors is all you need to relieve the body of any stress.

Namaste Home

In this day of society, the idea of not doing anything has such a negative connotation. Taking a day to yourself is more rewarding than many think. Think of it this way: the average person spends 16-20 hours a day using their brain and body for work, personal obligations, entertainment, and miscellaneous activities, while the rest of the time is dedicated to sleep. Doing this for years causes wear and tear on your brain, forcing it to shut down and reboot. Because of this, it is essential to give yourself time to rest. On your self-care days, allow yourself the space to relax and declutter your mind. You can use this time to journal, catch up on a book, or even go for that walk we mentioned.

person smashing car windshield with a sledge hammer

When In Doubt… Smash It!

Some choose to handle stress with a calming, gentle method. Others may take a more non-traditional approach to stress management. In recent years, we have seen alternative stress relievers arise, with one of them being a rage room. Rage rooms are for the ones who are not exactly love and light. The idea is to let people break, smash, and destroy items like furniture, and car parts, and safely scrape metals. This method releases pent-up aggression caused by stress in the most exciting way possible. The opportunity to relieve yourself of anger and irritation while also getting a mini workout in is enough to get the heart pumping and exert the extra unneeded stress.

Any stressful event can happen at any time. With this, keep in mind the many ways to help ease a stressful moment and ground your inner self. Between smashing a window or sitting with your Apple Watch, a moment to remove stress from the body leads to a happier and healthier life, both inside and out. For more resources on ways to manage your stress levels, click here.

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