6 Tips For The Best Self-Care Routine

We have all experienced days where things do not go as planned. Traffic, unexpected problems, and responsibility rule your day. The only solace is that when you are home, it will all cease to exist. There is no better moment than when it is time to pamper yourself, so we are here to help you elevate your self-care routine.

lavender and massage oils

Start With Good Music

Who doesn’t love a good jam? Listening to your favorite song never fails to disappoint you whenever you are down. Studies show that the vibrations of music affect your overall mood by boosting dopamine and serotonin levels. We suggest finding a great playlist or taking time to create your own filled with songs that put you in a calming mood.

Appeal To Other Senses

Now that we have taken care of the music, we can focus on creating an environment that appeals to all of our senses. Our eyes work hard all day staring at our screens and they deserve a break. Warm dim light takes the strain off f our eyes and promotes relaxation, along with red, blue, and green light. Next is activating your sense of smell. Most people think of lavender when thinking of a calming scent, but try switching things up with scents like ylang-ylang, vanilla, and rose.

Sip The Day Away
A self-care routine is nothing like having a drink to calm ourselves. Make yourself a hot cup of green tea or hibiscus tea tailored to your taste. For some, it takes a little more than tea to soothe themselves. Red wine is the best and healthiest alternative for a cup of tea. Wine serves as a depressant that helps slow the system down, but red wine contains resveratrol, which is linked to an increase in life longevity.

Cold Shower, Warm Bath.

In recent years, we have returned to an age-old practice for calming our bodies, water therapy. A cold shower sounds intimidating, but allowing your body to feel extreme cold momentarily sends the body into fight or flight mode. Once the body realizes it is only cold water, it will begin to relax and regulates its body temperature to handle the cold. This prepares the body for a deeper state of relaxation with a bath. Deep soaking in warm water activates the parasympathetic nerve and fights inflammation. These water practices show that we can increase relaxation and promote serotonin, making them integral to any routine.

woman in white towel standing in front of the mirror

A Different Way of Masking

We put on a mask daily to conquer the day, waiting for the moment we can take it off. Why not put on a mask that will help you feel better? Take time to create a mask with ingredients you can find in your home. Our favorite is a coffee and honey mask. Coffee is an anti-inflammatory and an exfoliate while honey is known for its antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

Show Gratitude

Gratitude is the last and most important step in any self-care routine. Taking a moment to reminisce on the beauty of the day helps lift your mood by showing that the day was not that bad. If you do not, write in a gratitude journal or meditate on happy moments, even if it is the fact that you can relax!

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